Seven ( Wǔ Liùqī, Simp. Chinese, 伍六七, lit. Five Six Seven) is the titular main protagonist of Scissor Seven (刺客伍六七). He lives on Chicken Island alongside Dai Bo and Xiao Fei. He suffers from amnesia and aims to retrieve his memories with an expensive medical operation; thus, he decided to become a hitman as a get-rich-quick scheme. His assassin rank is currently 17,369, mainly due to his comedic inability to kill anything (his assassin rank used to be number 1, showing that he was quite the adept assassin).

Character History[edit | edit source]

Before his amnesia, Seven was the strongest, most ruthless shadow killer of Xuanwu. Following that a shadow killer never gets in the way of someone else’s business, Seven’s former self went out of his way to save a woman who was on the verge of being slain. This caused him to almost lose his life, and lead to his amnesia. After the incident, the story focuses on the post-amnesia Seven (current).

Starting as an assassin, once again[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the first season, he was on the streets of Chicken Island running a beef offal food stall. He and Dai Bo fantasied about Seven becoming the best killer in the world and making tons of money. Not having a past, relatives, or values, Seven seemed like the perfect candidate for the job. As a further incentive, Dai Bo promised Seven that if they earned a million yuan they would travel to Stan, the most technologically advanced country in the world, and recover Seven's lost memories.

Dai Bo gave Seven "training" in the ways of a killer and also set up a hair salon as a cover job. During training, Seven proves to be terrible at all things related to assassination, but Dai Bo gives him his "assassination certification" out of pity.

His first mission as an assassin was to cut Li Sanjin's hair during her wedding ceremony and ruin it. He accidentally cut the husband's hair too and caused a ruckus that resulted in him being chased by an angry mob. After this first job, he met a Stan robot who attacked him once it recognized the token he kept on himself (an accessory with the character "seven" embroidered). According to the robot, anyone who wears that token is an enemy of Stan. The robot is about to reveal Seven's mysterious past when a female assassin decapitates it. She reveals herself to be Thirteen, ranked 38 on the killer list. Thirteen then threatens Seven and asks him why he has the token of the Killer League on him. Fortunately for Seven, they were interrupted by the robot's self-destruct feature.

After this, Seven decides to become one of the best-ranked assassins in order to be recruited by the Killer League which he hopes will lead to clues about his past.

Working as a hired killer[edit | edit source]

As an assassin, he meets with many clients. He usually tries to follow through on his orders, whether it's killing or maiming his targets. However, he isn't very competent at killing and often ends up saving his targets or resolving the issue without killing them. He's gained a few friends from his missions, one notable example being Cola who often comes to play with him after he refused to kill her and tried to solve her problems. Some of his previous clients or opponents drop by his salon for a haircut too. Due to Seven not completing his missions as requested, he hardly ever received any money which is a running gag throughout the series.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Qi controlled scissors[edit | edit source]

Seven is able to use Qi and control a pair of scissors with his mind, but he requires certain hand motions to control them. He also is able to separate the scissors into two and put them back together with ease.

In the past, his weapon of choice was the Thousand Demon Daggers, a magical blade he used to cut through his target's defense back when he worked for the Killers League, but post-amnesia he prefers using the scissors.

Gaiba Egg[edit | edit source]

The Gaiba Egg was given to Seven by Dai Bo, allowing Seven to transform into anything he is thinking of in the moment, but unfortunately, he can only copy the appearance of it and does not gain any of it’s abilities. It is purely cosmetic. (Example: If he were thinking he’d want to be a dog, he wouldn’t gain a hyper-sensitive nose.)

7 TDD.png

Thousand Demon Daggers[edit | edit source]

In his present state, Seven is unable to utilize the full potential of the sword. However, during his battle with the Prince of Stan, it can be seen that Seven was able to perform many creative moves, such as destroying the Prince's shield by re-materializing the blade and extending it to slice through a huge robot. Seven also uses the blade against Captain Jack by deconstructing it and using the thousand pieces as bullets.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Seven has black shoulder-length hair which is mainly tied up in a chicken comb-like bun. He usually wears a white hoodie with black shorts and black low cut canvas shoes. He is seen always seen with bags under his eyes. Seven generally wears a laid back and innocent expression, becoming serious only in rare situations.  When Seven was a ruthless assassin back in the Killer League, he wore a traditional hooded hanfu gown. His hair was untied and always very messy, and he retained the dark eye bags. His expression was cold and ruthless, never showing even the slightest bit of emotion.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Seven is goofy, a little absent-minded at times and is a bit of a pushover. He decided to become a killer-supposedly because he lacks any moral and is only interested in becoming rich, but he never manages to kill his targets. This is partly because of his incompetence, also because he doesn't want to kill others. As the series progresses, his sense of justice slowly comes more and more into the spotlight.

He's a hopeless romantic and constantly hits on Thirteen despite her clear disinterest in him. He has posters of romance movies in his room and thinks the only reasons Captain Jack would come to his saloon would be for a haircut or to ask him on a date.

Seven has a serious side that was much more prominent before his memory loss. In the past, he used to be merciless in his job and believed strongly in the adage that an assassin shouldn't get involved in others' affairs and shouldn't show any emotion. In the end, he turned his back on this philosophy, and his desire to protect an unknown woman is what almost ended his life and led to his memory loss.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Dai Bo[edit | edit source]

Dai Bo is supposedly Seven's oldest friend, and although they're often found arguing, they share a close relationship. Dai Bo and Xiao Fei found Seven washed up on a beach two years prior to the start of the series and rescued him. It is assumed that the pair tried running several businesses on Chicken Island, but none were very successful. Seven also reminds Dai Bo of his old friend Da Fei, as they share many of the same convictions and a good heart.

Xiao Fei[edit | edit source]

Xiao Fei debuted as a small, round escape device for Seven, but throughout the series Xiao Fei has helped tremendously in his many chicken forms. Seven is always impressed by Xiao Fei's many abilities and the two often tag-team in fights.

He Dachun[edit | edit source]

Dachun and Seven get along quite well, despite one being an assassin and the other being a bodyguard. They met while Seven was attempting to assassinate Dachun`s charge, and they shared many special moments together while in the Seven-Day Solid Gold Lock. They continue to have short interactions throughout the rest of the series and even fight together against Redtooth.

Plum Blossom Thirteen[edit | edit source]

Seven meets Thirteen in one of the first episodes of the first season, when he confronts a Stan robot. They meet throughout the series, often with Thirteen trying to kill Seven. After Seven cuts Thirteen's mask in two, revealing her face, he is smitten and often tries to make advances on her to no avail. After the assassination attempt on Mad Bark, Thirteen chases Seven as he was transformed into Mad Bark at the time. After a brief fight, they share an accidental kiss. Thirteen is disgusted and swears to kill him, but he is enamored and tries asking her out to tea instead.

The next time the two are seen together is in the Prince of Stan fight. Seven wants to protect Chicken Island, and Thirteen wants the bounty on the Prince's head since they are from opposing countries. However, the Prince's robot form is too strong and they are both pushed back. They come to each other's aid several times, until Seven is knocked unconscious. After Seven's flashback of the girl he tried to protect in the past, his old self is awakened and believes Thirteen is the same girl. He hugs her and goes to defeat the Prince. Because of the complete flip in personality, Thirteen is too surprised to do anything but blush; however, she quickly regains her composure and relays the battle to her master who orders her to kill Seven and take his sword. In the end, Seven falls unconscious again, but Thirteen hesitates to take his life (since he saved her) and leaves with just his sword. She also orders a new pair of scissors for him since the old ones were destroyed in the fight. 

713 dance.png

In episode 2 of the 2nd season, Thirteen goes to take Seven's life as promised to her master. As usual, Seven is his slippery self and ends up getting chased across Chicken Island. Thirteen and Seven make a deal that if he falls to the ground in 3 more attacks, he must leave Chicken Island forever (as she does not want to have to kill him). Seven proposes that if he wins, Thirteen has to go to the beach with him. As Thirteen is about to attack again, Seven notices an assassin in a nearby tree (Plum blossom Eleven) and tries to protect Thirteen. This results in the two of them slow dancing as he deflects assassin needles with her hair blade. Once again, Thirteen is caught off guard by Seven's sudden seriousness and is seen blushing. Back to normal and emotionless, she leaves without taking his life and gives him the list of assassination targets on the island, if he wishes to protect them. He thanks her for the new pair of scissors wondering what he should wear to the beach.

In episode 5 of the 2nd season, Seven faces a rematch against Captain Jack, and wounds himself in order to make up for the scar he gave Jack years ago. Watching from the sidelines, Thirteen comes to rescue Seven but is attacked by Jack. Seven, regaining his old personality for a few seconds, uses the Thousand Demon Daggers to fend off Jack and save both of them before falling unconscious. Later that night, although with severe injuries, he flies with Xiao Fei to where Thirteen is staying (in a huge tree) and shyly gives her a dress he had bought at the store for their supposed date at the beach. After looking inside the bag, Thirteen is alarmed at its contents and vows once again to kill Seven.

713 rose.png

In episode 7 of the 2nd season, Eleven lures Seven to the beach with a fake note from Thirteen. Thinking it's a real date, Seven takes a day off from the barbershop and adorably prepares music, an outfit, and even some roses (although they are black roses). When it comes time for the date, a disguised Eleven stabs Seven with a poison dagger and unsuccessfully tries to kill him before fighting DaChun. Afterwards, Chairman Jiang comes to take down Eleven, but Thirteen arrives to save her sister. Seeing the real Thirteen arrive, Seven is re-energized and halts the battle to perform the things he had prepared for the date. He DaChun and Chairman Jiang are stunned onlookers as Seven dances, sings, and offers Thirteen a rose with the English words "Oh miss Mei, this rose... is for you". Despite a black rose signifying hatred and death among other nasty things, Thirteen is charmed. But never losing her assassin mindset, she vamooshes Seven's outfit to distract Chairman Jiang before escaping with Eleven. 

By the last episode of the 2nd season, Thirteen now has a much better idea of who Seven is, and respects him a lot more. Instead of thinking that he's a bumbling idiot, she realizes that he is a lot more capable than he shows, especially after the fight against Redtooth. Although his attempts at romance are feeble, they have an innocent charm that seems to have won Thirteen over, at least somewhat. In Thirteen's past, she received very little love from her family or her master and grew up to suppress her emotions in the name of assassination. Seven is likely the first person she encountered who didn't care about who she was and had unconditional feelings for her. At the very end of the 2nd season, Thirteen is seen waiting for Seven in the dress he bought for her by the ocean, implying that she has also developed feelings for Seven.

As it stands, their relationship is very complicated due to Seven's past and relationship to the killers of Xuanwu. He was a former comrade of her master, who once ordered her to kill Seven. Since Seven reclaimed his memories after the battle with Redtooth, he may be more wary of any kind of relationship after remembering the time he was betrayed. With Seven travelling to Xuanwu to claim the head of the Chief of the Killer Association, there will likely be even more complications on the road ahead, both in the future and hidden in the mysterious past.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The shading under Seven's eyes is meant as a reference about the animation industry, especially about the joke that animators (and manhua artists) consistently suffer from lack of sleep.
  • Seven's name, Wǔ Liùqī (伍六七), is a pun on "Five Six Seven," Wǔ Liù Qī (五六七).

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